Article I (Name)

The name of the organization shall be the Northeast Pennsylvania Scholastic Hockey League (NEPASHL), hereinafter, the “League”. It shall be operated as a nonprofit corporation and shall have perpetual succession. The location of the principal office of the League shall be the address of The Ice Box Skating Complex, 12 Old Boston Road, Pittston, Pennsylvania 18640.

Article II (Purpose)

  • To develop and encourage sportsmanship between all players for the betterment of the physical and social well being.
  • To encourage and improve the standard of amateur hockey.
  • To conduct ice hockey competition is an organized setting.
  • To associate with other ice hockey associations
  • To do any and all acts in the furtherance of the foregoing purposes.

ARTICLE III (Membership)

Any organization registered with USA Hockey and the USA Hockey affiliate, the Atlantic Amateur Hockey Association (AAHA), shall be entitled to membership up meeting the requirements as set forth in these By-Laws.

  1. Delegates and Voting
    Membership shall entitle an organization to one voting delegate at every meeting of the League. Two alternate delegates may be designated and attend meetings, but may vote only in the absence of the delegate. The delegates and alternate delegates are directly responsible for all League activities for their respective organizations and are the liaisons for keeping their clubs informed of all League procedures, rules and regulations, and other pertinent matters. Delegates and alternates must be designated by the September meeting. A substitute delegate may attend on behalf of any organization on notice to the League President.
  2. League Fees and Charges
    All member organizations shall be assessed appropriate fees necessary to operate the League. The schedule of payments shall be:

    1. Annual League Fees of fifty dollars ($50) per organization are due at the October meeting
    2. Team Fees are due at the October meeting.
    3. There will be a late charge of twenty five dollars ($25) per team for any payment made after the designated date.

Any organization having an outstanding account for more than sixty (60) days following publication of the Treasurer’s monthly report, or who fails to have a representative at three League meetings will be considered on probation for the remainder of the current season. Probation will result in the loss of eligibility for League Playoffs for that year.

A member organization may not change its name, logo and/or team colors, unless it is approved by a majority vote of the League members at the Annual Meeting. A letter of intent to make such a change must be received by the President at least fourteen (14) days prior to the Annual Meeting.

Full Insurance coverage is required of all organizations. Individual team registration forms (including roster) will be necessary for participation in the League.

At the start of each playing season, the membership of the League shall receive copies of the By-Laws and the Rules and Regulations of the League.

Each member organization must submit a registration form and roster for each of its teams in accordance with the guidelines as set forth in the ARTICLE IX – Rules and Regulations. All teams within an organization must be USA Hockey registered for both League and Non-League teams.

Any existing member organization may, with prior League approval, withdraw from active League play for one season. The League may impose any qualifying conditions it deems appropriate.

Any member organization shall be subject to forfeiture of its membership for, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Failure to comply with the By-Laws and Rules and Regulations of the League, USA Hockey or the USA affiliate (AAHA) having jurisdiction of over the member organization.
  2. Failure to meet its League obligations
  3. Actions deemed detrimental to hockey, players, coaches and /or the League.

Any officer or member organization may petition the League to expel an alleged offending member organization at the Annual Meeting or at any regular meeting after the Annual Meeting, but prior to commencement of the playing season. However, before the League may take action on such a petition, the alleged offending member shall be given written at least fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting at which the petition shall be acted upon, and the alleged offending member organization shall have the right to be heard at such meeting and to present any evidence of information it deems pertinent. A two-thirds majority vote of the League shall be required for the expulsion of a member organization under this provision.

Article IV (New Membership)

An organization may apply for new membership in the League by sending an authorized representative of that organization to a regular scheduled League meeting and requesting membership. New membership applications will be considered only during the period between the end of the season (April meeting) and the August meeting. The President must receive written notice of intent to apply at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting at which the application request is to be made. The following are conditions for membership consideration:

  1. The organization must be registered with USA Hockey and its USA Hockey affiliate.
  2. The organization may enter the League on a one year probationary basis.
  3. Acceptance of the new member into the probationary status shall occur by thirds of those members present. Membership shall commence on the date of acceptance.
  4. Once accepted as a member, the organization will continue as a probationary member until the next Annual Meeting at which time a vote shall be taken to:
    1. Accept the organization as a permanent member.
    2. Continue the probationary status for another year
    3. Terminate the membership.
  5. A probationary member’s association with the League may be terminated for the cause by due process during the season. Termination requires a majority vote of the quorum at a regular League Meeting.
  6. While a probationary member, the club will have full voting rights, except on the votes concerning membership status and be subject to the same rules and regulations as regular members.
  7. Failure to comply with the roster and player movement rules as stated in the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations shall result in the loss of eligibility for membership in the League.

Article V (Officers)

The officers of this organization shall be as follows and shall be elected to office by the member organizations by a simple majority vote. The election shall take place at the Annual Meeting. The elected officers will be elected annually at the Annual Meeting (usually held in April). In the event an officer is unable to complete a full term, the President with the majority approval of the Executive Committee will appoint a replacement.

No more than one individual from any one-member organization may hold elected office at the same time (This may be waived by a three-fourths majority of the League). An elected officer may not be a designated delegate or alternate delegate for any member organization.

Any officer may be removed at any time by an affirmative vote of a three-quarters majority of the member organizations present at the regular League meeting wherein notice of such is placed on the agenda three (3) weeks in advance.

The officers are responsible for the following:

A. The Executive Committee

The officers shall comprise the Executive Committee and shall be responsible to conduct the day-to-day operation of the League.

B. President

  1. Presides at all League meetings.
  2. Performs duties usual to the office of the President, including having the power to call special meetings of the League and determine questions arising from emergency situations not provided for in the rules until such a time they may be acted upon by a quorum of the League.
  3. Appoint non-voting officers as required in order to accomplish the work of the League.
    • These appointments may include, but are not limited to the League Statistician, Scheduler and Webmaster.

C. Vice Presidents (Varsity and Junior Varsity)

  1. Performs specific duties assigned by the President and Board of Directors.
  2. Assumes the duties of President in his/her absence.
  3. Acts as an alternate to the Commissioner when such action is requested by the Commissioner.
  4. Maintains the records verifying that all teams in the League are in compliance with the USA Hockey and AAHA registration requirements.

D. Commissioner

  1. Responsible for overseeing all on-ice activities of the League.
  2. Performs all actions required to provide the League with a first level of discipline.
  3. Reviews all gross misconduct and match penalties incurred within the League and determines suspensions as required.
  4. Convenes and Chairs disciplinary hearing committees when required.
  5. Acts as liaison with all higher level disciplinary groups.
  6. Acts as Tournament Director for League Playoffs.

E. Vice President of Scheduling

  1. Supervises the process involved in creating and maintaining the League schedule.
  2. Makes all arrangements for League playoffs.

F. Treasurer

  1. Handles all fiduciary responsibilities of the League, including the receipt and distribution of funds and verification that filing of annual tax returns is completed in a timely fashion.
  2. Maintains proper records of receipts and payments.
  3. Maintains a checking account that requires two signatures.
  4. Obtains Board of Directors approval for expenditures over five hundred ($500.00).
  5. Prepares a League budget for presentation at the Annual meeting.

G. Secretary

  1. Takes minutes of all League meetings and distributes them to all member organizations.
  2. Maintains the League membership directory.
  3. Maintains the League By-Laws, Rules and Regulations and other important documents in current condition, reflecting all modifications enacted by the League and/or the League representatives and distributes to the members.

Article VI (Board of Directors)

The Board of Directors shall be comprised of the six (6) officers of the League and one voting delegate from each organization. The Board shall be empowered to elect officers of the organization. The Board shall also be empowered to enact the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations necessary for the accomplishment of the purposes of the organization and to enable the officers to conduct the activities of League. An alternate must be named by the end of the October meeting to serve as a club representative and vote when the normal representative is not present.

Article VII (Appointed Positions)

The following positions shall be appointed by the President and Commissioner with the concurrence of a majority of the League members for the term of one year.

League Statistician

The League Statistician shall, if necessary be compensated by the League at a rate to be established by the League at the first organizational meeting of each new playing season. The League Statistician shall receive a copy of each game score sheet for the purpose of:

  1. Accumulating League statistics and publishing League standings
  2. Monitoring penalties which result in the suspension of a player(s) and or coaches.


The President, with the advice of the League, shall appoint the following committees:

  1. Nominating, Rules and Regulations, Discipline and any other additional standing Committees as are necessary for the purpose and programs of the organization. The President shall set forth the duties of such committees.
  2. Each standing committee shall submit a report at the Annual Meeting and may submit a report at a regular meeting in order to keep the League informed of the activities related to the organization. The Secretary shall publish a membership list for each committee.

Article VIII (Meetings)

The Secretary shall notify the membership in advance of all meetings. A quorum of a majority of the members must be present in order to conduct a meeting.

All voting at meetings must be done in person. Only delegates may vote or in the delegate’s absence, the alternate delegate. Only members ingood standing shall be entitled to vote. To be in good standing, a member organization shall not be indebted to the League or be under suspension by the League at the time of the meeting. The Secretary shall maintain a list of those eligible to vote at each meeting.

  1. Monthly Meeting

    • Regularly scheduled meetings of the League shall be held at a time and place designated by the League. A calendar of dates of meetings for the year shall be published at the start of each playing season. Based on the levels of activity within the League, the Executive Board may elect not to hold all the monthly meetings between the months of May and August. Cancellation of any monthly meeting shall be determined at least two monthly meetings prior to the cancelled meeting.
    • Failure to have a delegate or alternate at regularly scheduled meeting will result in the following penalties:
      1. First Offense: No Fine
      2. Second Offense: $10 Fine
      3. Third Offense: $25 Fine and the offending organization will become a probationary member for the remainder of the season, as well a $25 fine for each additional offense.
    • With the approval of the Executive Board, an organization may have someone other than a delegate or alternate represent that club a regular monthly meeting.
  2. Annual Meeting

    • The purpose of the Annual Meeting that should be held during April is to:
      1. Conduct the election of officers of the organization
      2. Receive and review the annual reports of the Treasurer and the standing committees.
      3. Review and vote on any bylaw and rule changes.
      4. Conduct any other business of the organization as needed.
  3. Special Meetings

    • The President and /or Secretary may call a Special Meeting as deemed necessary. Notice of the purpose of the meeting shall be given to the membership in advance.

Article IX (Rules and Regulations)

  • USA Hockey and Other Affiliations
    The rule and regulations of USA Hockey and the USA Hockey regional affiliate (Atlantic Amateur Hockey Association-AAHA) shall apply to the League except as specifically amended by the League.
  • Changes to Rules and Regulations
    Additions, deletions or amendments to the rules and regulations may be made only after being proposed at a league meeting and then put on the agenda to be voted on at a subsequent meeting. A two-thirds majority vote of the eligible member organizations in attendance is required to effect changes in the Rules and Regulations.
  • League Rules and Regulations
    All rules and regulations adopted by the League shall have the same force and effect as the USA Hockey and AAHA and shall be enforced by the League and game officials where applicable. The rules are as follows:

    1. Eligibility
      1. Determination and Enforcement
        Player eligibility shall be determined and enforced by the Executive Committee according with the eligibility provisions of these Rules and Regulations. The Executive Committee recommends that all member organizations follow the pertinent school academic athletic eligibility recommendations
      2. Pennsylvania Residency
        A player shall be eligible to play in the league if the player is a permanent resident of the state of Pennsylvania or is attending a certified school located in the state of Pennsylvania.
      3. Foreign Exchange Students
        A foreign exchange student who is in the United States on a J-1 visa, or on another classification of visa and who is a participant in a program similar to those whose participants would be eligible for a J-1 visa and who is in full time attendance NEPA-SHL member school.
      4. Maximum Age
        A player shall be ineligible for interscholastic athletic competition upon a attaining the age of nineteen (19) years, with the following exception. If the age is attained on or after the date of July 1, the player shall be eligible, with respect to age, to compete through the school year.
      5. Age Verification
        The date of birth as recorded in a State issued Birth Certificate shall be used to verify the age of a player. A passport of other state or federal government issued identification with date of birth shall be an acceptable alternative document for verification of a player’s age. An alternative document must be reviewed and approved by the Board.
      6. Grade Level Eligibility
        Play Grade Eligibility for teams shall be as follows:

        • Varsity – 8th through 12th grade.
        • Junior Varsity – 7th through 11th grade.
      7. Exceptions to Grade Level Eligibility
        There shall be two exceptions to the above Grade Level Eligibility:

        • Woman Players in 12th grade shall be exempt from the Grade Level Eligibility Rule
        • New Organization without a Varsity team may be allowed to skate twelfth (12th) graders on their Junior Varsity team. However, if issues such as fair competition or serious injuries to the opposing team arise, it will up to the discretion of the Executive Board to review the individual situation and to decide whether or not the player or player can play down
      8. Player Reclassification
        The Executive Board maintains the right to reclassify a player to a different level of play for his/her scholastic team based on his/her skills and size to prevent any undue consequences to players participating in the League.
      9. High School Attendance
        All players that are on a NEPASHL team roster must be attending High School during the entire season. In the event a player drops-out or is expelled from school, that player is immediately ineligible. He or she is removed and barred from further competition in the NEPASHL.
      10. Eligibility/Recruitment of New Players
        • Play for your school if they field a team.
        • Play for your school district if they field a team.
        • Play for your division, North or South.
        • Either division if not wanted by your own division.

        Home school students must play for their school district in which they live.

        Recruitment of players of players will be divided by North and South division until school districts boundaries are set. The dividing line will be the Avoca Exit.

        Recruiting of players from other teams will not be allowed.

      11. Ineligible Players
        Playing an ineligible player will result in a forfeit, one game suspension for the player and coach and a two hundred ($200) team fine to the league. Fine payment are due twenty four (24) hours prior to the next game.
    2. Condition of Participants
      1. Drugs and Alcohol Use
        Any participant, including players, team officials or League officials, found under the influence of alcohol or any drugs (except prescribed prescription drugs) shall be immediately ejected from the game, practice or other NEPASHL sanctioned event and automatically suspended from the League
    3. Coach Eligibility
      1. Background Checks
        All coaches are required to pass a criminal background check in order to be a coach within the league. Background checks from other volunteer organizations within six (6) months are acceptable (to be furnished prior to first game.)
      2. USA Hockey Coach Certification
        Coaches shall be required to abide by the USA Hockey minimum standards for coaching certification as published annually by USA Hockey. Presently the standards that apply are as follows:

        • All Coaches must be certified at USA Hockey Level 1
        • All Junior Varsity Head Coaches must be certified at USA Hockey Level 2
        • All Varsity Head Coaches must be certified at USA Hockey Level 3
      3. Grace Period and Transition Rule
        First year coaches will have the following requirements for a grace period of one year. During the transition season, the following coaching certification requirements shall apply.

        • All Coaches must be certified at USA Hockey Level 1
        • All Junior Varsity Head Coaches must be certified at USA Hockey Level 2
        • All Varsity Head Coaches must be certified at USA Hockey Level 3
    4. Team Rosters
      1. USA Hockey Registration
        All rosters must be submitted to the USA Hockey Registrar and be approved by the Registrar prior to the first League or non-league game of the season. The maximum roster size is eighteen (18) skaters and two (2) goaltenders. Organizations must submit a copy of the approved USA Hockey Roster (with Registrar’s signature) to the League.
      2. Roster Changes
        Roster changes may be made up until December 31st of each year.Only players whose names appear on a League recognized roster may participate in League games. The first violation of this rule shall result in the game being forfeited and a fine of fifty dollars ($50) being assessed to the offending team (organization).
        A second violation of this rule shall result in the immediate suspension of that team from League play for the remainder of the season. All games scheduled with that team, played of not played, and shall be declared forfeits. Other teams in the division will have the option of whether or not to honor any remaining scheduled games with the offending team.
      3. Score Sheets
        All score sheets shall be forwarded to the League Statistician (or designee) within forty eight (48) hours after said game.
      4. Score Sheet Reporting
        • All score sheets with a suspension-serving penalty shall be faxed or e-mailed to League Statistician (or designee) within 48 hours of said penalty. The score sheet must contain the following information printed clearly and legibly:
          • The name and jersey number of the player to serve the suspension.
          • The nature of the suspension (i.e. one game for fighting, etc.).
        • Any Match Penalty must be reported to the League Commissioner and to the League Statistician (or designee) within 48 hours of the penalty along with the following information:
          • The name and jersey number of the player to serve the suspension.
          • A copy of the referee’s report.
      5. One Team Roster
        A player may be rostered on only one NEPASHL team.
      6. Substitute Goaltender
        If a team has no rostered substitute goaltender available to play, a rostered goaltender can move up or laterally if noted on the score sheet at the affected game.
    5. Equipment
      All players are required to wear all of the protective equipment (including mouth guards, shoulder and shin pads, etc.) as specified by USA Hockey.All protective equipment required by USA Hockey shall be worn in its approved, unaltered form. Any violation is subject to a misconduct penalty.
    6. Playing Rules
      1. Operation of the Scoreboard
        New goals will not be posted to the scoreboard and there will be a running clock in the 3rd period after a lead of six (6) goals has been achieved. The option to play with a running clock prior to the start of the third period with the consent of both Head Coaches.Normal operation of the scoreboard shall begin again if the lead narrows to two (2) goals and until such time as a lead of six (6) goals is attained once more.
      2. Serving Game Suspensions
        A player will serve the USA Hockey required game suspension(s) for his or her first occurrence receiving a game misconduct(s) within a game. Future game misconduct(s) received in following game(s) will require additional game suspensions as follows:

        • Game Misconduct in a game following initial serving game suspension will require one (1) additional game.
        • Game Misconduct in game following serving second game misconduct suspension will require two (2) additional games.

        Any player or team official suspended shall not be permitted to participate in a game at any level (Varsity or Junior Varsity) until the suspension is served at the level it was received. In the event the said penalty occurs in the final game of the season, any and all game suspensions will carry over to the next NEPASHL season.

        Coaches must note all suspensions being served on all score sheets.
        Coaches and teams not enforcing suspensions will incur the following:

        • Coach suspended for two (2) games
        • The team will be fined one hundred dollars ($100)
        • An additional one (1) game suspension for the player will be served
      3. Senior Plyoff Misconducts
        All 12th grade players (Seniors) will be required to pay a one hundred dollar ($100) security deposit prior to the start of the playoffs. Seniors who incur a game misconduct in the last game will forfeit the deposit. If they do not receive a game misconduct in their last game, the money will be returned
      4. Swing Players
        A maximum or five (5) Junior Varsity rostered players will be allowed to ‘swing’ to a Varsity game (not including goalies). All swing players must be clearly noted on the score sheet prior to each game. Schools with more than 30 players rostered with the Varsity and JV teams will only be allowed a player to “swing” up to 5 games. Seniors receiving an exemption to play Junior Varsity are not eligible to be a swing player.
      5. Game Rescheduling Request
        Teams requesting a game to be rescheduled after the final schedule is published will be fined one hundred dollars ($100) payable to the Ice Box
    7. Standings
      1. Final Standings
        At season end, final standings shall be determined by team with the highest points (receiving the highest ranking.) In the case of two or more teams obtaining the same amount of points, the final ranking will be determined as follows:

        • Most wins – league play
        • Most wins – head to head
        • Least goals against – league play
        • Least goals against – head to head
        • Team with least penalty minutes
      2. Score Sheet Submission Responsibility
        The home team shall be responsible for submitting the score sheet to the league within forty eight (48) hours after the game
    8. Player Movement
      1. Player Financial Obligations
        Any player who has not met financial or equipment obligations to an organization cannot move to another organization without approval by written release from the first organization.
      2. Movement of Players
        A player can only move if he/she has problem/situation with the current team they are participating on (including coaches, parents, players and organization members) except if his/her own school fields a teamNo player movements are allowed after rosters are due to for league submittal.All player movement shall proceed through the Executive Board.

        • Procedure for movement is as follows:
          • The player must notify the Executive Board and team by either phone, E-mail or letter.
          • The player and his/her parents will then meet with the Executive Board to define the problem area and reason for request.
          • The Executive Board will then meet with coaches or involved team(s) and other board members to hear their views.
          • If the Executive Board allows a player to move to another team, that player is not allowed to pick his/her team. The player will participate in a lottery in which the Executive Board will place him/her on a team. The new team placement will consist on a team in your current division (North or South) you play then open to all teams excluding the team from which he/she is requesting to be moved. The lottery shall include only teams at the level (Varsity or Junior Varsity) in which the player participates.
          • If the player does not want to play with the selected team, then his season will be forfeited.
          • If the Executive Board does not allow a player to move to another team, the player will stay with the current team they are on or forfeits the rest of the season.
          • All decisions of the Executive Board are final.
        • Teams with Too Many Players
          Teams that have ‘cut’ players or released players because the team will have more than twenty (20) players per team will be eligible to participate in a lottery in which the Executive Board will place the player on a team. It will consist in the division you play first (North or South) then open to all teams excluding the team which in which has released the player.
    9. General Conduct
      1. General Conduct
        Players, coaches, managers and other team officials are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on the Northeast Pennsylvania Scholastic Hockey League. Misconduct by such individuals before, after or during a game will not be tolerated. Any such conduct should be brought to the attention of the team officials or an officer of the League. The affiliated League Vice-President shall immediately investigate the incident if the incident involves an on-ice (i.e. rink, player, bench, and penalty bench areas) player, coach, or bench official. It is the responsibility of the League Vice-President to gather all relevant facts concerning the on-ice incident including, but not limited to, interviews, compiling of information, and drafting of a formal report. If the incident involved a spectator, off-ice (any location other than the on-ice area) team official, or other individual, the President will investigate the incident. It is the responsibility of the League President to gather all relevant facts concerning the off-ice incident including, but not limited to interviews, compiling information, and drafting of a formal report. In both cases, a report shall be prepared, including recommended action, if any, for the Board of Directors review and action. Disciplinary action, if appropriate, will be determined by a simple majority vote of the full membership of Board of Directors. Actions taken by the League for on-ice incidents shall be limited to penalties, suspensions, and supplementary discipline of individuals as provided for under the latest edition of the USA Hockey Official Rules of Ice Hockey. Actions taken by the League for off-ice incidents shall be in accordance with specific rules for specified off-ice areas, if applicable, and shall allow for wider discretion on penalties, suspension, and supplementary discipline
      2. Responsibility for Locker Room Care
        Each team is responsible for their conduct in the locker room facilities in which they occupy or enter before, during and after each game. If any damage is inflicted to the property, the team will be responsible and will be required to make full restitution for damages before they can participate in their next game.
      3. Additional Rink Security
        The ice rink owner may request from the Executive Committee permission to hire additional security for a team or a particular game. The request must explain in as much detail the reason for the additional security. If the request is granted, the team or teams who were the cause for the additional security will be required to pay for the additional cost associated with the additional security.
      4. Leaving After a Game
        At the end of the game, teams will exit the ice surface one team at a time with the visiting team leaving first.
      5. Inappropriate or Abusive Language
        The League will not tolerate “trash talk” or ethnic/sexual verbal abuse. Any player, coach or team official receiving misconduct penalty form an official for such behavior will be automatically suspended from all practices and games until reviewed by the Executive Board. The minimum suspension for this type of behavior will be five (5) games. The League recognizes that most of this type of “talk” is not heard by the officials, but will act with an Executive Committee Review Hearing on a verified accusation brought by any organization against a team official, player or coach.
      6. Fighting
        A game misconduct penalty shall also be imposed on any player who enters a fight whether or not the player was trying to act as a peace maker.Players penalized for Fighting will be subject to the follow discipline;

        • First Offense will serve a two (2) game suspension
        • Second Offense will serve a five (5) game suspension and a one hundred ($100) fine.
        • Third Offense will be suspended for the remainder of the season and a one hundred ($100) fine.

        All fines are payable to the League (NEPA Scholastic Hockey League).

      7. Player(s) removed from ice during playing of game
        Any player that is ruled off the ice by a game official shall immediately go to their respective locker room. No player removed from the ice shall enter the rink, spectator or lobby area while wearing the team uniform and/or hockey equipment. Violation of this rule will be subject to review and discipline under Section 9.1 General Conduct.
    10. Goalkeepers
      Whenever a team has only one available goalkeeper in uniform at any time during the game, he may request time for equipment repair or adjustment through the Referee, with the liability for a delay of game minor penalty if the request is allowed.
    11. Protest of Game
      A protest for reason other than player’s suspension must be made within forty eight (48) hours or the particular game’s starting time, by phone to League President. This action must be followed by the submission of a letter to the President within one week. The written protest must be accompanied by a fifty dollar ($50) check, payable to the League (NEPA Scholastic Hockey League). If the protest is upheld, the check will be refunded to the team. If the protest is denied, the check is forfeited to the League.All game protest will be decided by the Executive Committee
    12. Game Cancellations or Delays
      The League President, on his own initiative or at the request of a duly authorized team representative, shall have the authority to cancel a game or games in the event of adverse weather of failure of the rink to provide adequate ice or service
    13. League Awards Policy
      The League will present an award to the first place regular season team in each division.
    14. Rule Changes
      These Rules and Regulations herein (ARTICLE IX) are subject to change at any time with a two-third (2/3) majority vote of the membership.
    15. Scorekeeper and Timekeepers
      Each team must supply a person sixteen years of age or older to complete the scoresheet and operate the game clock.
  • Special Games and Tournaments
    Any special games or tournaments associated with the NEPASHL must have a set of rules that comply with USA Hockey and reviewed by the Executive Committee. The league shall consider and stipulate penalty reciprocation between normal league games and tournament/special games. In addition, the league must agree to the liability and powers with the host of such games and tournaments.

Article X (Dissolution of the League)

In the event of the dissolution of the League, all monies currently remaining in the League treasury will be divided equally between current member organizations that are in good financial standing with the League. The final amount will be determined after all League obligations have been met

Article XI (Parliamentary Authority)

The rules of parliamentary practice as set forth in “Roberts Rules of Order” shall govern all proceedings of the League, subject to any special rules that have been or may be herein adopted.